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NICE HYKE-DKIT: 24V Kit for swing gates with leaves up to 3.5 metres, externally mounted

NICE HYKE-DKIT: 24V Kit for swing gates with leaves up to 3.5 metres, externally mounted

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Irreversible electromechanical gear motor 24 Vdc with magnetic encoder. With an articulated arm mounted externally.
New third-generation model: quality and durability thanks to the housing in aluminium with polyester paint finish, resistant to atmospheric agents. Ultra-powerful and delicate: thanks to 500 Nm torque and encoder technology, for millimeter precision and reliability. Dual technology obstacle detection.

  • Two irreversible 24Vdc versions with limit switches on opening and closing: with a built-in control unit (HK7024) and without a control unit (HK7224).
  • Practical and quick installation: the articulated arm is adjustable in length for maximum flexibility.
  • Simple and precise limit switch adjustment: mechanical stops and micrometer adjustment screws.
  • Easy to operate release lever, with metal lock and personalised Nice key.With provision for cable control. When connected to the buffer battery or Solemyo kit, consumption on standby is just 0.1 W.
  • No blackout: with the optional batteries (PS124) housed inside the gear motor.
  • The built-in control unit (HK7024): limit positions; sensitive edges.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x HK7024 + HK7224 electromechanical gear motors for external mounting.
  • HK7024 (with control unit and snap-fit receiver OXI), HK7224 (without control unit).
  • 2 x ON2E 433.92 MHz, 2-channel transmitter.
  • 2 x EPMB photocells with provision for connection via Nice BlueBUS.
  • 1 x OXI receiver up to 4 channels with connector, without a built-in transmitter.


Technical Specs:
Battery Backup Option Yes
BlueBus Yes
IP Rating 54
Max Gate Leaf Length 3.5m
Max Gate Weight 330Kg
Max Speed 2.25rpm
Motor Voltage 24Vdc
Solar Power Option Yes
Work Cycle 40
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