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e-Loop: Inground Commercial Radar Loop Only (PRESENCE MODE)

e-Loop: Inground Commercial Radar Loop Only (PRESENCE MODE)

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e-Loop: Inground Commercial Loop Only (PRESENCE MODE)

Ideal for replacements or sites requiring multiple loops, max of 4x loops can be paired to any transceiver.

Introducing a new concept in wireless vehicle detection. The e-Loop replaces traditional wired inductive loops, saving time and money while increasing reliability.

Installation in 3 simple steps
1 - Code in e-Loop.
2 - Core bore 89mm hole 70mm deep and secure using flexible mastic.
3 - Calibrate the e-Loop... and you’re ready to operate in less than 30 minutes.

Dual sensing technology
High security 128 bit encryption.
Quick and easy installation.
Recesses into driveway.
Not affected by ground movement.
14500 mA battery giving up to 10 years battery life.
Top access for changing battery.

Kit Contents:
1 x e-Loop wireless detection module.
1 x Magnet.

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