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e-Loop: Commercial Loop kit (EXIT MODE) w/ ETRANS50

e-Loop: Commercial Loop kit (EXIT MODE) w/ ETRANS50

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e-LOOP Commercial (EXIT MODE) with ETRANS 50

Introducing a new concept in wireless vehicle detection. The e-Loop replaces traditional wired inductive loops, saving time and money while increasing reliability.

Installation in 3 simple steps
1 - Code in e-Loop.
2 - Secure e-Loop to the driveway.
3 - Calibrate e-Loop ... and you're ready. to operate in less than 15 minutes. Save many hours of installation time compared to wired loop systems.

Quick and easy installation.
Compact profile - only 26mm high x 200mm diameter.
Not affected by ground movement.
10600 mA battery giving up to 10 years battery life.
High security 128 bit encryption.
Static load capacity 10 tonne.
Range up to 50 meters.
Made of high impact plastic (10 tonne static load limit).

Kit Contents:
1 x e-Loop exit mode wireless detection module.
1 x Single channel receiver (Trans-50).
2 x Dyna bolts.

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