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Ajax: FireProtect 2 SB (Heat/Smoke) (8EU) white

Ajax: FireProtect 2 SB (Heat/Smoke) (8EU) white

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The FireProtect 2 from AJAX Systems integrates specifications of their orginal FireProtect to notify users of a potential fire to the user's mobile immediately. Providing vital information to help aid an end users' actions following a notification. 

With a new & improved dustproof design, the FireProtect 2 double-knock smoke chamber does not require regualr cleaning throughout its whole battery life to further minimise false alarms. The FireProtect 2 is able to instantly distinguish between: Smoke, Steam, Temperature with many configurable thresholds.

  • In-built siren volume - 85 dB at a distance of 3 meters
  • Distinguish between, Smoke, Steam, Temperature
  • Up to 10 Years' Battery Life - Sealed Battery
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