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Roger SMARTY5: 36V swing gate kit for gates up to 5 metres

Roger SMARTY5: 36V swing gate kit for gates up to 5 metres

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Roger Technology's heavy-duty super intense brushless operator kit, amazing heavy-duty brushless 36V Technology, produces up to 5000N of power, capable of moving gate leafs up to 5 meters.  Comes complete with all 100% Roger Technology electronics.  Easy installation using the latest encoder technology, mechanical open and close stops, obstacle detection, and many more features for a smooth reliable operation.


  • Perfect for gates on industrial or commercial premises which tend to be larger, heavier and see much more intense usage – these brushless monsters can move a whopping 600Kg per leaf at 1.5M leaf size or 300Kg at a massive 5M leaf size. (Smarty 5)

  • Low voltage brushless motors ensure it can operate nearly non stop – (upto 83 times per hour dependent on travel time without thermal cut out) and well as being

  • Self-locking even up to 7M per leaf – with physical open and close stops on the ram help keep down the ancillary devices – lower cost and higher reliability.

  • Energy Efficient – Brushless motors use less electricity than traditional electromechanical motors

  • Excellently engineered - Still entirely made in Italy to the highest standards

  • Industry-leading 4 Year Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Excellent practical UK-based tech support (For professionals only)


What's in the box

  • Edge1 Digital Control Board
  • 2 x Smarty 5 Brushless Motors
  • H93 receiver
  • 2 x E80/TX52R/2 Remote controls
  • R90/F2ES Photocells
  • Fifty Light
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